Baking Tips & Tricks

Baking in the kitchen is much easier done when happy. 


I've heard a few times that if a you are angry in the kitchen,  while baking, whatever you are working on will suffer. Imagine, you've just gotten hung up on, after waiting on hold for 45 minutes. You are baking bread, and take to it. You beat down the raised bread and pound it. And smoosh it and mash it, and bash it. Well, pretty soon, that dough has been overworked and overhandled in no time. And then,  in your frustration, you forget to turn on the oven, and when you go to pop the perfectly raised bread in the oven, the oven isn't ready. So frustrating!


It's better to wait to be in the kitchen when you are happy, the baked goods will turn out much better!

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