Parchment Paper; The Best Tips I've Learned (#1)

If I could share one tip that I have learned, and one thing only, it would be this... parchment paper. I feel like I should capitalize it, and turn it into a proper noun, Parchment Paper, because it is so important to me!

Reason being, the blessed Parchment Paper or PP I'll call it, for short, has saved me HOURS of scrubbing. I used to bake and then wail about how long I would have to stand and scrub the pans. I may or may not have thrown said pans into the trash.

Enter PP.

No more scrubbing. Well, rarely everrrr. Sometimes I get a bit of stuff needing to be scrubbed out of the corners of the pans, but for the most part, my clean up afterwards is non-existent. I just fold up the used PP and throw it in the garbage.

Such a time saver, back saver, hand saver, pan saver, scrub a dub dub saver. Have you read this far? Bless you. I have a few more tips n tricks I've stored in my noodle, that I cannot wait to jot down (er type) for you.



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