Hey there, I am so pleased you stopped by! I want to bring DIY kits to your kitchen, your friend and families kitchens, and your clients kitchens! These kits are so easy for kids and beginning bakers, no matter what the age. Step by step directions walk you through exactly how to make the scones. 

My name is Coco and I'm gonna tell you the story of how The Bashful Baker Baker got its name. Once upon a time, it was a dark and stormy night 😅🌃... Ok jokes its not that dramatic! I only started baking when i got married, and knew nothing about baking. Anyone from the midwest? Hot dish anyone? In Minnesota, a cake in a 9x13 pan was normal at family get togethers. Holiday baking consisted of peanut butter smeared in between two ritz crackers, then dipped in chocolate bark. nut goodie bars, chocolate covered pretzels, to name a few more. Since I've been married, I've learned a few more things about what to bake and how to bake it! I was bashful at first about baking, but am becoming quite confident now in my skills. 

A few more things about me...

  • my nature us quite the opposite of bashful 😄 i do everything pretty loud.. I love practical jokes, yet i hate to love to be scared
  • I've been to 46 states.. Alaska, Vermont, Maine, and New Hampshire are left ✈️
  • I love having land for cows & chickens